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Livigno Events accommodates many types of visitors throughout the year Events in Livigno has a special place in Lombardy. Livigno is the place where many events take place year on year.

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Events in Livigno

The Livigno event calendar is always full to the brim with events and occasions that tourists can enjoy. Throughout the year many new and different events appear, providing new and exciting things to do on your holiday. If you are new to Livigno, there are regular ‘Welcome to Livigno’ nights at the Plaza Placheda where you can find out about the events that are happening in the town and nearby area.

Regular activities and events are arranged for children and teenagers. Nature clubs are a great place for youngsters to meet and learn about the history and culture of Livigno. The Junior club organizes a variety of daily events and is a great way for teenagers to take part in sports tournaments, hip-hop dance parties, games, treasure hunts, adventure parks, cooking and other group activities.

A whole host of weekly events are available for tourists to take part in the many different activities available in Livigno. Weekly events range from sporting exhibitions and competitions for all ages through to arts and cultural activities. Regular excursions to the nearby national parks and national park centres are an easy way to find out about the history and culture of the area. Regular ‘Mountain Shopping’ events take place and give holidaymakers the opportunity to win prizes too.

Cultural events include wine tasting evenings, story telling nights and book readings, organised trips to local farms, visits to the highest brewery in Europe and events celebrating the local cuisine are all regular features in the calendar.

Live music and DJs parties are regular events in Livigno. A whole host of sporting events are also organised, ranging from biking competitions to fishing competitions to ski displays, too many to number and offering something for everyone.

Main Events

  • The winter season is kicked off with the ‘La Scambeda’ cross country ski competition. There are two races that take place: the half marathon and the full marathon. The ski competition is always a good bet for ski enthusiasts.
  • A Christmas market runs from the end of November up to Christmas Eve and allows you to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere and purchase a wide range of treats and gifts for loved ones back home.
  • In January there is the opportunity to watch the finals of the under 18 World Rookie Snowboarding Tour. This takes place at the Swatch Snowpark Mottalino. See a number of exciting racing events and witness the amateur snowboarders pull off some spectacular jumps and tricks.
  • The ‘La Ciaspoleda’ event occurs in the beginning of March. The event takes place on snow shoes and is highly recommended for all nature lovers. A competitive 7.5km walk takes place at La Ciaspoleda; there are also non-competitive events including a 7.5km and a 3km snow shoe walk.
  • At the end of March is the International Telemark Festival, called the Free Heel Fest. Here, telemark lovers from around the world congregate and explore the mountains of Livigno. A wide variety of events also take place including barbeques, film and photo exhibitions, competitions and excursions, music and dance performances, and campfires where you can hear popular tales and legends of the area.
  • The Summer sees a regular ‘Mountain Shopping Week’ in Livigno where there are a number of shopping competitions for you to take part in.
  • There is also a Livigno costume festival where you can experience the traditions and culture of the area.
  • At the end of July there is the Stralivigno high altitude marathon, a 21km race which passes through the picturesque Livigno mountain paths and woods, races by the river Spol and passes through the village itself.
  • In August there is the ‘Dark Night’ in Livigno where the town switches off all electric lights and allows you to experience what an Alpine valley would have been like two centuries ago. Torches, candles and fireplaces are lit in the town creating a wonderful atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.
  • At the end of August is the National Bike Park Marathon which weaves through the magnificent landscapes of the Swiss National Park and the Stelvio National Park. A village festival takes place at the start of September, celebrating the Virgin Mary’s nativity.
  • Finally, there is an International Chess Festival which also takes place in September.
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