Livigno Culture

Livigno Culture

Culture in Livigno

The Livigno culture has been forged in the mountains and shaped by the beauty of the valley. Often isolated from the rest of the world for long stretches of the year, Livigno had developed a number of its own traditions to help survive in the harsh winter conditions.

A long history of tax exemptions and benefits ensure the Livigno commune is still a strong and independent place. Much of the culture of Livigno is specific to the area, and even the old dialect has its own unique sound.

The traditional ‘bait’ cottage of the old village is unique in style and differs from its nearest neighbour, Bormio. These traditional wooden dwellings were built from timber sourced from the centuries old forests in the valley. They were built to survive the harsh winter conditions and have a number of recognisable features that helped to define the town.

A number of local churches date as far back as the 15th century, highlighting the historical and religious nature of the Livigno people. These churches are culturally significant for the people of the town. Livigno also has its own traditional costume which has been preserved and is often displayed at a number of sporting and cultural events.

Food and drink is a big part of Livigno’s rich culture and heritage. The high altitude and short summer season only allowed for a short growing season every year. There was only one harvest of hay, and as such, livestock farming has played a big part in the villages history. Livigno has its own traditional dairy and even its own brewery.

The local cuisine is shaped by the farming history and flavours that are found in the valley. Buckwheat flour and polenta are important ingredients in the Livigno diet, along with porcini mushrooms, bresaola and game. Locally made cheese, dairy produce and wine are all significant in the unique flavours of the Livigno cuisine.

Along with the renowned hospitality of the people of Livigno, any traveller can experience the richness of the unique culture and tradition of this beautiful Alpine valley.

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