Livigno Hospitality

Livigno Hospitality

Livigno Hospitality

The inhabitants of Livogno are well Known for being laid back, friendly and particularly hospitable. The people are proud of their traditions and culture and are keen to share the history of the region with visitors. Customer service is friendly, fun and welcoming in true Italian style and staff will often go that extra mile to make sure you have a good time, whatever you are doing. The people enjoy getting to know each other, so dining out and eating food plays a big part in this.

Grettings between strangers are genuine and enthusiastic and come with eye contact and a firm handshake. The "air kiss" on each cheek and a pat on the back between men comes after you get to know someone. A first impressiion is important amongst Italian people and they are keen to show the proper respect and welcoming attitude when meeting for the first time.

Holidaymakers benefit from the duty free status of the town, particularty in the local bars where alcohol is well priced. Duty free shopping is also a huge feature of the Livingno area and the shopping is excellent value for money.

Livigno is a welcoming place, shown in the many varied cultural and sporting events which take place here. These events are open to everyone and you are invited to take part and enjoy them.

The atmosphere of the Livigno valley combined with the hospitality of the people guarantees a warm welcome to any tourist who visits here. You will feel so welcome, you will want to come back again and again.

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