Livigno Mountains

Livigno Mountains

Livigno Mountains

The Livigno mountain range surrounds the Livigno Valley and helps to define the beauty of the whole area. For a great number of years these mountains made Livigno difficult to access, particularly in the winter months. The lofty and remote geographical location even helped to earn Livigno plateau the nickname Piccolo Tibet (Little Tibet).

The geography of the mountain ranges exposes Livigno to south west and north east, exposing it to glorious sunshine throughout the year. Many mountain sides are covered in larch, spruce and pine forests which add to the breathtaking beauty of the area.

The Livigno mountain range is situated within the main chain of the Eastern Alps which runs through Switzerland and Austria. The highest peak in the Livigno range is the Cima de' Piazzi which reaches up to 3,439 meters above sea level.

The Bernina Pass lies to the south and west. This high altitude pass separates the Livigno mountain range from the Bernina mountain range. The Bernina Pass is famous for the Bernina Express, the highest adhesion railway line in Europe.

The Upper Engadin Valley in the north west separates the Livigno Range from the Swiss Albula Range. Here you can find St Moritz, the birthplace of Alpine tourism and twice host to the Winter Olympic Games.

Towards the north east, the Livigno mountain range is kept separate from the Sesvenna Range by the Val Mustair valley and the Ofen Pass. Zernez and the Swiss National Park, one of the first national parks in Europe, are situated here.

Finally, the upper Adda River Valley and the Stelvio Pass separate the Livigno mountains from the Ortler Alps in the east. The Stelvio pass was once named the greatest driving road on the planet by television presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

The Livigno mountain range provides a fairy tale mountainous landscape for the whole area. It gives the tourist plenty of opportunities to take on a wide range of sports, from Nordic and Alpine skiing and snowboarding in the Winter, to mountain-biking and the most demanding of mountain climbs in the Summer.

As a popular ski resort, the Livigno Mountains offer many facilities for winter skiiers. There are also opportunities to ski on the Stelvio Glacier. With a total of 115 km of ski runs and many ski lifts, it is an excellent place to travel to for an outstanding ski holiday.

The mountains slopes are also full of fabulous hiking trails which descend gently and are covered by dense alpine vegetation. These trails include old historic smuggler routes, paths through forests and along mountainsides, all giving spectacular views. The 1200m gap between the valley and mountain tops highlights the different types of landscapes you can find.

The slopes are also covered with many mountain bike trails and are a popular summer spot for people who enjoy the sport. A total of 3,200 km of mapped trails and GPS tracks can be discovered in Livigno, and the surrounding area and a wide spectrum of trails offers something for everyone. Cross-country, mountain ascents and downhill riders can all choose a perfect course from the wide range on offer.

Amongst the many impressive peaks near Livigno there is the Monte Foscagno, which historically links Livigno with Valdidentro and Bormio. Here the Foscagno road was one of the earliest roads (built 1912-1914) to open Livigno up and help solve the considerable problem of geographical isolation.

Pizzo Paradisino, at 3,302 metres in altitude, is the highest peak in the area of the Foscagno Pass. Ideal for seasoned climbers, it is a notoriously tough route that can include glacier climbing on the eastern slope. Other notable mountain climbs include the Corno di Campo (3,232 metres), Cima di Cavagl (2,991 metres) and Piz da Tropion (3,048 metres).

Other notable mountains include Mount Campaccio in the area of Summit Blesaccia, found on the west side of the ski resort, near the Forcolla Pass. Mount Cassana and Cima Fopel overlook the long lake of Livigno and are situated at the end of the tunnel Drossa or Munt La Scher, which leads into Switzerland.

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